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Day Trips from Colby

Czech Memorial Museum

Pioneer/Czech immigrant displays, cemetery records, war memorabilia, and newspaper records to 1886. Genealogy gold mine.

Jennings 48 miles/ 47 minutes from Colby

Arikaree Breaks

The Arikaree Breaks are located on the extreme northern edge of Cheyenne County, in the northwestern corner of the state of Kansas. The breaks, with its deep ravines and gullies, is in marked contrast to the plains generally associated with the area. The breaks were formed by wind deposited sand, silt and clay particles, called loess.

Cheyenne County 74 miles/ 1 hr 11 mins from Colby

Sternberg Museum

The Sternberg Museum of Natural History advances an appreciation and understanding of Earth’s natural history and the evolutionary forces that impact it. With an emphasis on the Great Plains, our goals are accomplished through research, publications, collections, interpretive exhibits, and educational programs created by our staff, colleagues, and community.

Hays 110 miles/1 hr 38 mins from Colby

Buffalo Bill Monument

The Buffalo Bill Center is packed with information

Oakley 23.2 miles/25 minutes from Colby

Mount Sunflower

At 4,039 feet above sea level, Mount Sunflower is the highest point in Kansas. It is located at the far west side of Kansas on the Harold Family Ranch in Wallace County. Mount Sunflower is 3,360 feet above the state's lowest point on the Oklahoma border near Coffeyville, Kansas. Some people would describe Mount Sunflower as a barely noticeable rise in the middle of a field on a ranch 1/2 mile from the Colorado border, but those with vision have a wonderful times.

Weskan 77 miles/ 1 hr 29 mins from Colby

Monument Rocks

Rising from the flat plains near Oakley, Kansas, the so-called Monument Rocks are large chalk formations that stand well over 50 feet high and look as though they were arranged by human hands. The towering formations are the remnants of the Western Interior Seaway that once separated Western and Eastern North America during the Cretaceous Period.

Oakley 52 miles/57 minutes from Colby

Little Jerusalem

These badlands are Kansas’ most dramatic Niobrara chalk formation. They provide unique and important habitat for many plants and wildlife. Native amphibians, reptiles and birds such as ferruginous hawks and cliff swallows live here. Little Jerusalem is also home to the largest population of Great Plains wild buckwheat. This native plant is found in the chalk bluffs prairie of western Kansas and nowhere else in the world.

Logan County 52.4 miles/55 minutes from Colby

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