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The Pioneering Spirit of Colby, Kansas.

Located in the heart of Thomas County, Kansas, Colby is a small town with a pioneering spirit that runs deep. From its early days as a railroad town to its current status as a hub for

agriculture and industry, Colby has always been a place where hard work and determination are valued.

One of the town's most notable pioneers was Robert M. Wright, a Civil War veteran who

settled in Colby in 1873 and became a prominent businessman and community leader. Wright owned several businesses in town, including a general store and a hotel, and was

instrumental in bringing the railroad to Colby. He also served as the town's first mayor and

helped establish the local school district.

Today, Colby continues to be a town that values hard work, innovation, and community

involvement. The town is home to a thriving agricultural industry, with wheat, corn, and other

crops grown on the surrounding plains. In addition, Colby is home to several manufacturing

companies. A top-rated Community College, and a new large Event Center.

Despite its small size, Colby has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. From its vibrant

downtown area to its many parks and outdoor recreation opportunities, there is always

something to see and do in this pioneering town. Whether you're interested in history,

agriculture, or just want to experience small-town life at its finest, Colby is definitely worth a


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